The Shoestring Film Awards A Short Film Competition

Win a chance to get your films audio post production done for free!


What makes Canadian movies look Canadian? The Sound!

As Steven Spielberg admits,"sound is 50% of every movie I make!"

The Purpose:

The purpose of The Shoestring Film Awards is to elevate the quality of Canadian film production by creating a better local community for the entertainment industry; a place where audio professionals can demonstrate to filmmakers that there is no need to go to Toronto, Vancouver, L.A. or New York for first class audio post. This will be accomplished by putting filmmakers and audio post-production engineers in contact with each other to build and deliver a product that is worthy of greater distribution avenues.

The Plan:

Through The Shoestring Film Awards, we will introduce filmmakers to audio post-production engineers in Alberta. This will enable the producer to deliver complete 7.1 channel, stereo and mono mixed audio for whichever film/documentary project he or she requires. This will also allow the APRA APP (Academy of Production and Recording Arts Advanced Post Production) graduates to work with people in the entertainment industry.

The Competition:
The Shoestring Film Awards will run twice a year (May and October). This will allow the two APRA APP (Advanced Post Production) classes to be supplied with a short film as their final post projects. Entries will be accepted throughout Alberta only, and there is no submission fee.

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Visit this page to view in depth information about the competition and exact submission details.

The Prizes:

The first place winner will receive full Audio Post Production (foley, sound design, ADR, music), a 7.1 surround mix for your digital cinema package, Bluray and DVD, and a stereo mix worth up to $50,000 for their short film.

The second place winner will receive a full Stereo Mix for their short film. (All audio to be supplied by the film maker)

In Addition:
If a film maker wishes to use a local band’s music for the film, they can take advantage of 15 hours of free recording time offered in conjunction with the APRA AMP (Advanced Music Production) program. This portion is not only available to the film makers in this competition, but any local band! More information on this here.

Visit this page to view more information about the competition and exact submission details.

The Importance of Post Production

This video demonstrates the importance of post production audio and brief examples of how it is accomplished.